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Digital Stories

NOV 9, 2011

How Dance Exchange affects audiences

Elliot Rosen: I did not appreciate the emotional content and intellectual content of the dance. I had been to the ballet a little bit as a kid and I had seen some modern dance growing up and whatnot. But I never experienced dance as having this kind of significant emotional content and effect on audience...

NOV 2, 2011

How Dancing with Dance Exchange Changed My Life

Elliot Rosen: When Liz was formulating her ideas about the Hallelujah Project, she decided she wanted to do a dance that included the kids and the dads. And Lily came home and reported that Liz had asked all the kids ‘go ask your dads’...she came back a week later and said ‘ I told Liz you said yes.’

SEP 30, 2011

Dance Exchange Style of Creating Choreography

Elliot Rosen: The process in which I experienced it, it is not having a choreographer standing on one end of the room, saying, 'Okay, you now go over there and do something.' It is a collaborative thinking process between the dancers and the choreographer...