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About D|Lab

The D|Lab is an interactive online portal to Dance Exchange tools and methods for creativity, choreography, and collaboration. Created by Dance Exchange in association with Liz Lerman, this intersection of dance and digital media seeks to educate, engage, and illuminate. The D|Lab was made possible through the generous support of The Nathan Cummings Foundation.

What's the difference between D|Lab and a typical dance company website? Dance Exchange's website like a storefront where you go to get something specific-- it's where you go to explore where the company is performing, who's who, and bit of history. The D|Lab takes the experience a step further.

Think of the D|Lab as a museum with ever-changing and evolving installations and artist contributors. The structure of the museum stays the same, but every few months, a new exhibit comes through breathing new life into the space and giving audiences a new world to explore and investigate.

In addition to new exhibits mounted on the interactive walls of the D|Lab (you'll find these virtual exhibits listed under Projects), D|Lab is also a place to hear and tell stories. Click on Voices to hear about Dance Exchange participants experience with the company and the Toolbox; explore the Choreographer's Notebook to read blog posts from choreographer's around the world on their choreographic and creative process.

Liz Lerman and Dance Exchange have spent 35 years developing the Toolbox and putting the tools into action in a wide variety of settings. Formerly a staple to the Dance Exchange website, the Toolbox now has a new home on the D|Lab where we invite users to learn about the tools and find new ways to apply them. The Tool Chooser allows you to select a set of tools that would work best in the setting you're working in, and the Toolbox Essays give an in depth look at how the tools have been developed and utilized by Liz and the Dance Exchange.

So go ahead, explore the D|Lab! It's a work in process and we want to know what works and what we can improve upon so feel free to email us with ideas and suggestions.

D|Lab was designed by our friends at Design Brooklyn.