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Digital Stories

NOV 10, 2011

Being an Elder at Dance Exchange

Martha Wittman: I think for elders, I mean, I feel this for myself and I see it with other elders, it’s a sense of connection, you know, that…as things change in your life, when many things are gone and families have grown up and gone away...

NOV 9, 2011

How Dance Exchange affects audiences

Elliot Rosen: I did not appreciate the emotional content and intellectual content of the dance. I had been to the ballet a little bit as a kid and I had seen some modern dance growing up and whatnot. But I never experienced dance as having this kind of significant emotional content and effect on audience...

NOV 8, 2011

Memorable Moments with Dance Exchange

Nora Baker: we created a flash mob. We went around and invited people from all over the DC area community to join us. And some did and we ended up having people from ages, like, seven to mid-60s or early 70s.

NOV 7, 2011

Stories from Sheboygan

Martha Wittman: We all loved an older woman named Gina, who was in her eighties from the senior center who was legally blind and had a wonderful story.

NOV 3, 2011

Seniors in Dance Exchange Work

Martha Wittman: ...she came because she thought it was to be a ballroom dance class, which I think it a wonderful story and it turned into this other workshop, and because there were so many people between her and the door, she couldn’t get out and she stayed...

NOV 2, 2011

How Dancing with Dance Exchange Changed My Life

Elliot Rosen: When Liz was formulating her ideas about the Hallelujah Project, she decided she wanted to do a dance that included the kids and the dads. And Lily came home and reported that Liz had asked all the kids ‘go ask your dads’...she came back a week later and said ‘ I told Liz you said yes.’

OCT 31, 2011

Where Does Movement Come From

Nora Baker: There were various questions about our theme this year, of beauty, light, and shadows. And so I think the one I got was, was the most beautiful thing or person in your life, or some variation on that.

OCT 28, 2011

Portsmouth Project

Martha Wittman: It was hearing some of the stories and I think that was what immediately affected me in everything the Dance Exchange did, uh, was this sense of personal story and some of the stories we heard there.