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About the Toolbox

The Dance Exchange Toolbox contains instructions for a variety of art-making techniques and concise descriptions of principles and practices.

Tools & the Tool Chooser

Often consisting of multiple steps, tools are concrete, take-action techniques for structuring art, generating artistic content, and engaging people in learning and collaboration. Descriptions include instructions, applications and additional notes on warm-ups, variations and more.


These are smaller units, brief descriptions of practices for effective teaching, leading, crafting and collaboration. Each is elucidated with the underlying principles that make it effective.

Tools in Action and Toolbox Essays

Here you'll find essays and experiences of using the toolbox written by Liz Lerman, John Borstel, and others. As the D|Lab grows, we'll ask you to submit your own stories of using the Toolbox to share with other users in this section.


Learn about the terms frequently used in the Toolbox.