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Tools in Action

JUL 22, 2011

By All Possible Means

A Look at the Relationship Between Words and Movement

JUL 22, 2011

Cumulative Dialogue

Liz Lerman’s Dance Exchange’s Hallelujah in Southeastern Michigan

JUL 15, 2011

Authentic Respect and Why Turf Matters

My father was a labor organizer first. One of the big stories in our family’s history is that my dad organized his uncles’ fur shop when he was only 13 years old. By the time I was old enough to understand...

JUL 13, 2011

Shema Dance

This workshop outline was developed by Bea Wattenberg, a Dance Exchange company member from 1993 to 1996. It describes a dancemaking structure appropriate to a religious setting, where the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange Toolbox has been applied extensively.

JUL 8, 2011

Walking the Thin Border

Being the modern secular person that I am, I suspected that as we marched along the Hallelujah trail, we would discover ways in which people considered themselves spiritual.

JUL 1, 2011

Values for Dance Making & Methods for Critique

...but I had to ask myself whether all the drilling was worth the effort. The question nagged me because I was noticing again something that I had noticed before: once I viewed my choreography on other bodies, I’d find that it did not seem appropriate to them.

JUN 24, 2011

The Art of the Question

“Good questions outrank easy answers,” said economist Paul Samuelson. The work of Liz Lerman Dance Exchange reflects a similar philosophy, which emerges in a variety of ways.

JUN 10, 2011

Dance Defined

The attempt to find a definitive definition of dance is probably as old as dance itself, and that’s pretty old. But think about these possibilities...