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Memorable Moments with Dance Exchange

Nora Baker on Memorable Moments with Dance Exchange
Edited and Produced by Alexis Iammarino and Dorothy Williams
Spring 2011.
Dorothy Williams, Interviewer
Alexis Iammarino, Audio Production

NORA: Over the summer, I did the…the thing with the teens where we stay there for a week and we created a flash mob. We went around and invited people from all over the DC area community to join us. And some did and we ended up having people from ages, like, seven to mid-60s or early 70s.

Some of them didn't have any prior dance experience, but I mean, of course, because we knew there would be people like that when we choreographed it, we made the moves pretty simple. Mostly upper body but there was some traveling. And so, we kind of had to teach them everything…everyone had a pretty easy time learning.

The next day, I think at noon, when at lot of people probably, people were at work and when they went out for their lunch breaks around the afternoon, we all went to DuPont Circle, on the actual fountain, and just broke out into dance, while people were out there. And some people videotaped us or recorded video with their camera phones and things like that. And we played sort of an upbeat, peppy song that people would recognize. And it was lot of fun. And then we did it again, because the first time, you couldn't hear the music over the fountain noise. So that was a little bit of an issue, but we overcame.