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Seniors in Dance Exchange Work

Martha Wittman on Seniors in Dance Exchange work
Edited and Produced by Alexis Iammarino and Dorothy Williams
Spring 2011.
Dorothy Williams, Interviewer
Alexis Iammarino, Audio Production

MARTHA: For I think that for reasons I’ve, you know, expressed already, is a sense of connection and they might come for just something to do, a particular day. But it’s always interesting to see how they get involved and enjoy telling their stories. Again, it’s that personal place and I’m remembering Bea Wattenberg who was with Liz many years ago, but she came because she thought it was to be a ballroom dance class, which I think it a wonderful story and it turned into this other workshop, and because there were so many people between her and the door, she couldn’t get out and she stayed and got very interested and became very involved. It isn't always, so you don’t know why people come. Sometimes we’re going to a senior home where it’s just an activity for them. But often, they becomes part of the community performance of some kind, like Gina, the woman who was going blind, who said, I never imagined I would do something like this. But her story brought her out, and brought her forward and with lots of support.