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Digital Stories

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Where Does Movement Come From

Nora Baker on Where Movement Comes From
Edited and Produced by Alexis Iammarino and Dorothy Williams
Spring 2011.
Dorothy Williams, Interviewer
Alexis Iammarino, Audio Production

NORA: There were various questions about our theme this year, of beauty, light, and shadows. And so I think the one I got was, was the most beautiful thing or person in your life, or some variation on that. But I made a little dance phrase about my best friend and I did this sort of like little gesture she does when she's bored or she's thinking or spacing out or whatever and then, we kind of turned that into something a little bit flowier and dancier.

And then, she wears glasses and also a lot of eyeliner, so I did this sort of thing…we just like, made a ring around our eyes, traced a ring around our eyes with our fingers and then sort of made like a cat eyes movement and it extended it past our face. So yeah, there were a lot things like that from everyone, but those are just some examples.

I've done a lot of duets with Talia Mason. And those always turn out pretty well because I think we have good performance chemistry. And I did one last year with her. It had mixed meanings because it was kind of a…we both made little solos and combined them. And also generated movement together.